The Mission of the Borrego Water District is to preserve and conserve its priceless resource so as to reverse the overdraft of the Borrego Valley while at the same time to provide quality water and sewer service in an efficient, cost effective manner while providing a high level of customer satisfaction 


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April 23, 2015

Borrego Water District Customers

Be on the alert for a new scam in Borrego.  Today, it was reported that someone representing themselves as being from the Borrego Water District called a home owner and asked to access the inside of their home to verify water usage or an issue associated with their interior water use.  The caller was NOT from the Water District and thankfully the home owner thought to call the District to verify the request before giving the caller access.  
If you receive such a call be on the alert.  Ask for specific information like the name of the person, a call back number and their exact purpose.  Then immediately contact the Water District - 760-767-5806 - to determine if the request is legitimate or a scam.
There are some legitimate reasons the Water District would request access to a person's property, but very rarely do they ask for access to the interior of a home.   The District's employees all wear uniforms with their names on them and a Borrego Water District logo.  
If it's a scam both you and the District should report the matter to the Sheriff for further action.  If you are away and have housekeepers or gardeners who need to receive this information, please feel free to forward this email.

Thank you for your help.
Beth Hart
Borrego Water District

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